About Stephen

Stephen grew up the youngest of 2 boys in the small town of Prescott, AZ. From day 1 his dad made quick jokes about everything as if it were casual conversation and Stephen soon adopted his fathers humorous take on life with the use of one liners and puns. In school he the center of attention and was nicknamed “class clown” and he proudly held that title til he graduated high school.

headshot-bio-smallAfter turning 18, in 2007 he moved away to Phoenix to attend college and began working as a waiter. In 2011 he landed a job as a waiter for the Tempe Improv Comedy club, where he was able to consistently watch the acts of national touring headlining comedians. After a year of waiting tables at the improv he decided it was time to try stand up and on May2,2012 he gave an incredible performance which gave birth to his new found passion to become a stand up comedian, traveling to NewYork to perform as well as all over LosAngles. In 2013 he competed for the 1st time ever in Arizona’s funniest comedian contest where he made it to the semi finals (32 out of 200) boosting his confidence, in 2014 he decided to take his act out to Hollywood, CA where he currently lives and performs regularly.

In 2015 he has opened for Kel Mitchell (Nickelodeons kenan&kel, Goodburger) and Iliza Schlesinger (winner of last comic standing) and performed at various reputable venues including, Stand up Live, Tempe Improv, Flappers, StandUpNy, Hollywood Improv, Laugh Factory, and the World Famous Comedy Store. His style reminds you of mitch hedberg mixed with Steve Martin. You can catch him regularly at flappers in Burbank, CA or at Hooters every Monday night on Hollywood Blvd where he runs a mic and booked show.

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